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Municipalities of all sizes are having their budgets cut, but legal needs still need to be met. Without proper legal advice, municipalities may end up costing taxpayers even more money. Sound legal advice is key to keeping your municipality on the right track. Preventative advice is often cheaper than costly litigation and court battles. That's why Wishart Municipal Group aims to give municipal employees the information they need to avoid costly pitfalls and do the right thing for the municipality and its' citizens.

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Drafting Workshops

Hands-on drafting of a municipal product, such as by-law or policy ready for presentation to council.

New members can also receive discounted rates on previously held workshops in order to get the most value out of their membership.

Ask a Lawyer Minutes

A proactive approach to mitigating the risk of litigation and minimizing the cost of addressing daily legal issues.

  • preventative advice
  • assistance with report writing for Council
  • by-law development
  • human resources advice
  • enforcement advice
  • tax arrears

Tax Enforcement

Learn how our Tax Arrears strategy can help your municipality collect overdue tax payments before going through the tax sale process.


Membership Benefits

All packages include:
▪ Periodic membership usage reports
▪ Member alerts/Legislation changes
▪ Cost sharing with other members
▪ Flexible payment terms and more
▪ Regular “checkup call” from legal counsel
▪ Discount training offered by E4m (Expertise for Municipalities)
▪ A dedicated lead lawyer who oversees the municipality’s legal service
▪ Access to priority scheduling of meetings both in your office and in ours
▪ Immediate access to a team member to help you with your questions



Package 1
$6,000 plus HST for a 1 yr term

  • 700 lawyer minutes
  • 1% discount on other legal fees

Package 2
$12,000 plus HST for a 1 yr term

  • 1,450 lawyer minutes
  • 2% discount on other legal fees

Package 1
$15,000 plus HST for a 3 yr term

  • 2.175 "Ask a Lawyer" minutes
  • 2% discount on other legal fees

Package 2
$30,000 plus HST for a 3 yr term

  • 4,500 "Ask a Lawyer" minutes
  • 5% discount on other legal fees

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