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With the constant evolution of regulations, policies and compliances in municipalities within Northern Ontario and beyond, you need a law firm capable of navigating you through often complex legal matters. Wishart Law Firm LLP is proud to represent clients in all matters of municipal law in Sault Ste. Marie, Northern Ontario, and beyond. The state of flux in municipalities has created ever-changing regulatory and policy mandates, which can make engaging in local business transactions rather difficult. From municipal planning and development to complex public property acquisitions, it’s essential that you understand how the current municipal regulations, policies and compliances can affect your business dealings.

Our Experience in Sault Ste. Marie Municipal Law

Our municipal law team has the expertise, experience and skill to advise you on a wide range of municipal law matters, including:

  • Subdividing property
  • Formulating a formal response to annexation orders
  • Challenging an enforcement of a bylaw
  • Zoning and other aspects of the development process
  • Business license applications
  • Committee of Adjustments
  • Ontario Municipal Board hearings
  • Municipal litigation
  • Contract negotiations
  • And many more…

Along with those matters of municipal law, our team is experienced and fully prepared to engage in mediation and arbitration for any and all municipal matters.

When you need the services of a lawyer experienced and well-versed in municipal law, look no further than Wishart Law Firm LLP. We look forward to assisting you and will work hard to find the best possible outcome for your business and development dealings.

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